Landfillament | Upcycled Solid Waste Filament | 3D-Fuel | 1.75mm

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  • 3D Fuel Landfillament
  • Upcycled Landfillament
  • Landfillament Trash Filament


Landfillament - 3D print with hot garbage!

Landfillament is a 3D printing filament made using upcycled garbage. On location, the upcycled garbage, from which metals have been removed, is run through a process called pyrolysis – a thermochemical decomposition of organic material at high temperatures in the absence of oxygen. During pyrolysis a char byproduct is created.

The black char byproduct can be used for many things, including composite plastic 3D printing filament. The gas byproducts produced in this process are also captured for new uses. Because of this process, each spool of Landfillament sequesters .909lbs of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) which is the equivalent amount of greenhouse gas emitted by a car driven 1.1 miles.

This is the fourth in a line of intriguing materials from 3D-Fuel called the c2composites. 

Print Settings

Landfillament – Upcycled Garbage Filament can be printed on any machine capable of printing with PLA using standard PLA settings.

Landfillament prints well at 180-210c.

In general, a good starting point is 10 degrees cooler than you typically print PLA.

A heated bed is not necessary, though if you have one, set it to 45c.

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