June Updates: 3D-Fuel c2composites, Centaur Polypropylene, Thibra SKULPT and more!

What a great month! Here are some things we did in June, ICYMI:

Our first ever print fail contest! It was so fun to see all of the fails and to pick our favorites. It was also fun to package up the freebies to send out to everyone. Thanks again, all who participated!

Finished up the design of Google Home Base (and selling them locally + getting it up on Etsy soon). Feel free to download and print your own! We put together project kits, so you don't have to individually source the parts needed. 

Jonah invented, designed and printed a key ring separator (with space for USB drive). We also uploaded the design to our Free Downloads section, so you can download the .stl file and print your own, if you’d like! If you print it, let us know how it works for you. :)

We are now offering worldwide shipping through our ebay store, so if you are outside the US, check it out!

We have started carrying 3D-Fuel filaments, including: Landfillament, Glass-Filled PLA, Buzzed Beer filament, Entwined Hemp filament, HydroSupport water soluble support material and DynaPurge cleaning filament. We love 3D-Fuel’s commitment to creating recycled filaments and really appreciate their innovative efforts to make 3D printing more sustainable and eco-friendly.

In the workshop, we’ve been experimenting with Centaur PP and Polypropylene print surfaces. Quick take is that Centaur is such a useful material, with so many applications! But, don’t worry, we will also have more detailed content coming soon, with videos and tips for printing with Centaur and Polypropylene, in general. Also, exciting news about a new bed adhesive specifically for PP printing that we are testing. Oh, and more Centaur PP samples will be in stock soon. :)

Also coming soon is more info on SKULPT. We are having a lot of fun testing this new filament out – the Cosplay community is going to love it! We have a bunch of samples coming in and we are looking for people to test it out and come up with some cool ways to utilize this sculptable filament. Shoot us an email if you want to be one of our volunteers. (Update: all samples sent out to our volunteers - thank you!)

We also are running some great sales on a few items, including the MakerGear M3ID Rev.0, since the Rev.1 is now available. If you know of anyone looking for an Independent Dual, send them our way. (SOLD!! :))

One final thing: as many of you know, our review system was down and reviews were just disappearing due to a problem with CAPTCHA. The good news is that everything is fixed now! If you posted a review as far back as April, just know that we were not ignoring it, we just never even received it. If you would like to repost, please do! We know that it’s a pain, especially if you already took the time to write it, but we do really love hearing your feedback and feel bad that there may have been reviews that we missed seeing. 

Thanks, everyone. We love all of you and hope you have a great July!

Jul 02, 2018 Hannah @ Partsbuilt 3D

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