KVP Filament Koils

KVP Filament Koils

We are now carrying Keene Village Plastic's spool-less Filament Koils! The new Filament Koil from KVP allows filament to be produced without the need for a spool.

Order the Filament Koil of your choice -- Polycarbonate, PETG, PLA or Performance PLA -- then download the STL file below and print your Slant3D reusable spool.

Each Koil comes with a extra label to use on your spool and twist ties for easy storage off the spool.

We recommend that you print your spool in a high temp filament, such as Volcano PLA or HDglass, so that, if needed, you can dry your filament in the oven on your reusable spool.


1kg spool.stl

1kg narrow spool.stl -- for smaller print beds

Instructions for using the Filament Koil

Benefits of the Slant3D reusable spool:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Eliminates empty spool waste
  • Lowers carbon footprint of shipping
  • Reuse the master spool over & over
  • Easy setup & swapping of filament
  • Print as many spools as you need

1kg narrow spool in our FUNMAT HT:

Master Spool in the INTAMSYS

KVP Master Spool Refills

image courtesy of Keene Village Plastics

May 22, 2018 Hannah @ Partsbuilt 3D

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