KVP Master Spool Refills

KVP Master Spool Refills

We are now carrying Keene Village Plastic's spool-less Filament Koils! The new Filament Koil from KVP allows filament to be produced without the need for a spool.

Order the Filament Koil of your choice -- Polycarbonate, PETG, PLA or Performance PLA -- then download the STL file below and print your Slant3D reusable spool.

Each Koil comes with a extra label to use on your spool and twist ties for easy storage off the spool.

We recommend that you print your spool in a high temp filament, such as Volcano PLA or HDglass, so that, if needed, you can till dry your filament in the oven while it's on the reusable spool.


1kg spool.stl

1kg narrow spool.stl -- for smaller print beds

Instructions for using the Filament Koil

Benefits of the Slant3D reusable spool:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Eliminates empty spool waste
  • Lowers carbon footprint of shipping
  • Reuse the master spool over & over
  • Easy setup & swapping of filament
  • Print as many spools as you need

1kg narrow spool in our FUNMAT HT:

Master Spool in the INTAMSYS

KVP Master Spool Refills

image courtesy of Keene Village Plastics

May 22nd 2018 Partsbuilt 3D

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