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Blue Proto-Pasta Matte Fiber HTPLA

  • Same beautiful matte finish and same great performance as Carbon Fiber PLA
  • Plant fibers are used instead of carbon fiber to obtain the same great finish
  • Does NOT need a wear resistant nozzle or any special hardware
  • No heated bed needed
  • Improved bonding strength with glue (compared to non-fiber PLA)
  • Fibers allow for great adhesion to paint and other post-printing treatments

Notes from Proto-pasta's website:

Suggested print temperature is 190-230C, but we had good luck with a slow 1st layer at 230C on cold blue tape and 210C thereafter for a balance of strength and aesthetic.

This material does absorb moisture and dry filament is recommend for best results. When saturated with moisture, this material oozes more readily. Lowering flow and/or temperatures can minimize oozing and improve detail, though higher temperatures are recommended for best mechanical properties. With higher temperatures, ooze artifacts can be removed post build.

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