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Bondtech DirectDrive Extruder for Creality CR10S 3D Printers (Full kit, E3D™ Hotend included)

This is the latest version from Bondtech. Visit this link to see the differences between the previous version and this version of the extruder. 

We are pleased to offer the new Bondtech DirectDrive Extruder for Creality 3D printers. This Direct Drive extruder is compatible with CR-10S.

Bondtech's Direct Drive Extruder for Creality 3D printers is designed to give the user more possibilities and a higher print quality. Bondtech's unique, high-performance, 1.75mm Direct Drive extruder and a genuine, all-metal E3D v6 hotend, gives you problem-free filament feeding and enables the use of a wide range of materials.

What's in the box:

  • Bondtech BMG extruder
  • E3D V6 Hotend with silicon sock
  • Sunon Maglev Blower Fan
  • PTFE Tube
  • Power Cables
  • Plus: Bondtech and E3d V6 Accessories Bag

100% tested: Because all units are tested by Bondtech before shipping this upgrade is supplied fully assembled, ensuring all required parts are supplied

Buy the extension cable for CR10S S4/S5 models

Printable bed sensor mounts:


  • The housing parts are SLS printed in PA12 for maximum strength and precision.
  • Easy to install and ready to use, no cutting or soldering needed.
  • All-in-one solution is ready to use.
  • Old cables and components required to be removed will remain intact and able to be reused.
  • Uses the popular E3D™ V6 hotend
  • Designed for effective hotend cooling
  • 3:1 gearing ratio for high resolution prints with small nozzles or for high flow prints with large nozzles.

Bondtech’s DDS uses their unique Dual-Drive technology with an internal gear ratio of 3:1 and 415 steps per mm.The DD system also uses an E3D’s V6 HotEnd that allows you to easily print a wide range of filaments with less stringing and clogging with processing temperatures up to 285°C.

The geometry of the housing allows for effective cooling of the hotend by perfecting the placement of the Sunon 40x10 axial fan and the orientation of the cool air flow. Along the cooling of the hotend, a more effective part cooling was achieved by using a Sunon 50x15 Radial Fan and a fan shroud that focus the air flow right to the tip of the nozzle. The filament sensor housing was also redesigned. You can now properly attach it to the CR-10S with a strong grip. The steel ball placed below the lever on the filament path lets you feed material in both directions for loading and unloading. 

Step by Step Instructions: 

00. Stepper Current Adjustment On CR-10S

01. Direct Drive for CR-10S - Unboxing

02. Stripping Down Your Creality CR-10S

0b. Direct Drive for CR-10S Gen I - Installation

02c. Direct Drive for CR-10S Gen II - Installation

03. Direct Drive For CR-10S – Firmware Update

04. Direct Drive For CR-10S – BL Touch

05. How To Replace The Heater Cable On DDS for CR-10S 


Net Weight 539g
Gross Weight 616g
Gearing Ratio 3:1
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Nozzle Size 0.40mm
E-step value 415
Voltage Requirements 12v
Max Power Input 60w
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