Bondtech DualDrive Gear Extruder Upgrade for MakerGear M3-SE Rev.0 | STL files only

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Bondtech Dual Drive Gear Upgrade for MakerGear M3-SE Rev.0 3D Printer (STL files only)

(version 1.2 - released 06/03/19)

Please Note: I have been using this extruder on our MakerGear M3SE for a few weeks now and it has been working great. However, I still consider this project in beta, so there is no warranty or guarantee that it will work for you. If you decide to perform the upgrade and run into any issues, please do let me know, so I can make adjustments to the design. 

These are the .stl files only. You will need to buy the MakerGear Rev.0 DualDrive hardware kit here or source the needed components yourself.

We recommend printing the needed parts in our new Nylon CFX™ shown in the photos above (coming soon!) or Formfutura's CarbonFil PETG.


  • Fits the M3SE Rev.0 only.


  • Installation instructions will be available soon.
  • Download STL files for the MakerGear M3-ID and M3-SE Rev.1.
  • The extruder housing was designed and developed by Jonah Barker at and even though we are authorized Bondtech and MakerGear resellers, this kit is not an official Bondtech or MakerGear upgrade nor is it endorsed by Bondtech or MakerGear.
  • The printable extruder housing is a new part and still in beta, so there may be some changes over the next few months. Please be aware of this when purchasing the kit and feel free to offer feedback on any ways to improve the extruder.

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