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DyzeXtruder GT - Dyze Design 1.75mm Dual Drive Extruder 

High quality and all metal extruder that is able to print any kind of material. High pushing force and dual pinch drive system

Dyze Extruder setup guide available here

PDF Product Specifications

In the box

  • DyzeXtruder GT
  • 1000mm stepper motor cable
  • 2* M3x10 mounting screw


DyzeXtruder GT Dimensions

Parameter Value  
Weight 275g  
Filament diameter 1.75mm  
Operating current 1 A  
Operating temperature 0 to +100°C  
Top fitting tube OD 4.00mm  
Gear ratio 5.65 : 1
Groove mount head thickness 2 – 5mm  
Mounting screw thread M3
Mounting screw min thread depth 5mm  

Metal Reduction Gears

The DyzeXtruder GT has a 5.65:1 gear ratio. This ratio has been chosen to use the full potential of a very small motor while, enabling very high pushing forces.

The gears are custom made from high strength hardened steel and brass. This combination allows low friction operations and a longer life. The gears and bearings are designed to last for hundreds of kilograms in extreme conditions.

DyzeXtruder GT Lightweight

DyzeXtruder GT Connectors

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