E3D Volcano Nozzle - 0.60mm

  • E3D Volcano Nozzle
  • E3D Volcano Nozzle


E3D Volcano Nozzle - 0.60mm 

Volcano nozzles are super fast printing nozzles for use with the Volcano block and prints large layer heights at extremely high flow rates. Volcano nozzles have extra long heated melt zones for ultimate filament melt speeds. E3D has carefully crafted the internal geometry to optimize flow and throughput, as well as ensuring the nozzle tip is appropriately sized for flattening down extra wide printed traces.

E3D nozzles are easily identified by the number of hex flats drilled with dots (see table).

Instructions for Changing E3D Nozzle



0 0.60mm
1 0.80mm
2 1.00mm
3 1.20mm
4 0.40mm
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