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Facilan™ C8 Filament

Diameter: 2.85mm

Weight: 750g

Facilan™ C8 is an Additive Manufacturing Filament Designed for Manufacturing using 3D Printing. 

  • Facilan™ C8 Fused Deposition Modelling filament has a higher tensile  strength than ABS
  • Facilan™ C8 has higher impact strength than PLA.
  • On most printers, Facilan™ C8 should 3D Print without visible layers
  • Facilan™ C8  has the best layer adhesion properties of any 3D printing material.
  • Facilan™ C8 has the best surface quality of any FDM material. 
  • The material has a soft touch feel.
  • Facilan™ C8  should be smooth with an even matte surface finish.
  • Developed for high throughput manufacturing applications.
  • Consumer-friendly parts for true Additive Manufacturing.
  • Facilan™ C8's printing profile is available in the Ultimaker Cura Marketplace.
  • This material has been designed to be used in manufacturing applications. With better interlayer bonding, smoother surfaces as well as higher strength, Facilan™ C8 is a true Additive Manufacturing material made for demanding end-use part applications.

Facilan™ C8 Material Properties

  • Density 1.4 g/cm³
  • Tensile Strength 45 MPa
  • Elongation at yield 4%
  • Tensile Modulus 3000 MPa 
  • Flexural Strength  67 MPa 
  • Flexural Modulus 3640 MPa
  • Izod impact strength (notched) 7 kJ/m2 
  • Shore D Hardness  72
  • Heat Deflection Temperature 55°C

Print Settings 

  • Bed Temperature: Cold or 35°C
  • AdhesionUse PEI sheets. The material may adhere too well on glass when compared to other materials so use caution when removing parts. 
  • Print Temperature: 195 °C (180-210 °C).
  • Print Speed: 30 mm/s for the outer layer, 45 mm/s inner layer, 50 mm/s infill speed. 


You can find the Technical Data Sheet for Facilan™ C8 here.


The Material Safety Data Sheets for Facilan™ C8 is available for download here.

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