Filament Runout Sensor Kit for MakerGear M3-SE 3D Printers

  • Filament detector for MakerGear M3
  • MakerGear filament sensor mounted
  • M3 filament sensor kit
  • Filament sensor for MakerGear

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Filament Runout Sensor for MakerGear M3-SE 3D Printers

This is the filament detector that we use on the MakerGear M3s that we have in our shop.

We have been happy with how this setup is performing. 

A big thank you to Alex K. for taking the time to help Jonah get this working!

The filament sensor will detect the absence of filament and perform the following steps:

  • Pause the print
  • Move the print head to the side of the bed
  • Lower the bed 10mm
  • Retract the filament
  • Cool the nozzle to 120c

When the printer is out of filament and paused, use the Octoprint interface to load fresh filament (using the "Extrude" command) and start printing again using the "Resume" command.

Upon resume, the printer will:

  • Reheat the hot end to the proper printing temp
  • Purge 60mm of filament
  • Resume the print job 

It is a good idea to stay near the printer during the "resume" process to remove the purged filament. That way, it does not drag onto your print.

Kit includes:

  • Filament sensor module
  • Sensor mount, FDM printed in Carbon Fiber Nylon - this replaces the filament guide tube holder that is currently in place.
  • 1m of wire with the correct terminals for easy installation on your MakerGear M3SE
  • Zip ties for keeping the wires tidy

You will reuse the machine screws from your existing filament guide tube holder.

Click here for setup instructions.

A few things to note:

The filament sensor only detects the absence of filament and will not detect a clog or jam.

At the moment this will only work on the MakerGear M3-SE and has not been tested on the MakerGear M3-ID 3D Printers

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