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  • Dyze Design Filament Sentinel Filament Detector

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Filament Sentinel - 3D printer filament detector and cleaner

With SENTINEL, the days of prints failed due to a lack of filament or dust on the filament are over!
SENTINEL detects your filament and pause your print.

  • Works with almost any printer
  • Available for 1.75mm diameter filaments

Never miss a 3D print again because of an empty spool or dust on the filament. SENTINEL is your ultimate filament watchdog.

filament sentinel

More than a few users have came back to a 3d print job completed but with an unfinished object due to lack of raw materials. The filament runout sensor solves this.

Setup Guide Available Here

PDF Spec Sheet

Parameter Value  
Supply Voltage 5 V  
Current Draw 31 mA  
Operating Temperature 0 to +70°C  
Fitting Thread M8x1.25mm  
Logic Voltage 3.3V  
Filament Presence High - Logic  

Filament Sentinel Dimensions

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