MetalFil | PLA Composite | 1.75mm | 750g

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MetalFil by FormFutura - PLA-based filament with approx. 80% metal filling

  • Can be printed on PEEK, PFTE and full metal hot ends (such as the MakerGear V4 hot end)
  • Can be printed with Bowden-style or direct drive extruders
  • Can be treated after printing to obtain the desired patina effect
  • Available in Classic Copper and Ancient Bronze

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Formfutura MetalFil Print Settings


These settings are recommended by Formfutura and are meant as a starting point to help find your optimal print settings. They should work for most 3D printers; however, you may need to experiment outside these ranges. If you find settings that work better with your printer, feel free to let us know and we will be happy to post them.

Nozzle Size >0.40mm
Print Temp ± 190 - 220° C
Bed Temp ± 0-60° C
Fan 50-100%
Print Speed Medium
Flow Rate ± 104%
Retraction Yes - ± 5mm
Print Surface GeckoTek, BuildTak, Kapton Tape. Use Dimafix Pen, if needed

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