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GeckoTek EZ-Stik Hot 3D Printer Build Plate

  • Made right here in Ohio!
  • 8x10 (203x254mm) is the perfect size for the MakerGear Print Bed
  • Works great with a variety of filament
  • Lasts for over 100 uses
  • Gives your prints a glassy smooth finish

GecokTek Ez-Stik Tips:

  • For a more matte finish on the underside of prints, use a coat of Dimafix glue
  • Wipe the surface with isopropyl alcohol every 5-10 prints
  • 8x10 size available, but easy to cut to the exact size needed
  • Use a non-scratching removal tool to remove any difficult parts
  • If using flexible filaments, please take care that the print and bed have cooled down completely before attempting to remove the print. Also, make sure you have the z height adjusted properly to ensure the first layer has not been squished into the build plate, otherwise it will be very difficult to remove. 
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