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Bondtech LGX® Lite Large Gears eXtruder - Mirrored

The Bondtech LGX® Lite is based on the LGX Large Gears eXtruder

1x LGX® Lite feeder (Mirrored)
1x LDO Nema14 Round 20mm pancake stepper motor with 1m long lead cable (JST-XH 4-pin connector)
1x 2mm Hex Key (recommended tool)
1x Push-fit collar
1x 30mm PTFE tube to use in the PTFE Tube Adapter
8x M3 square nuts for reinforcing mounting holes

 !!! Please read all the information below for important installation information !!! 

Note: the below pictures are of the standard version, not the mirrored version, but if you order from this page you will get the mirrored version.

Extruder and Stepper Motor go together
Preferably, you should always use the extruder attached to the stepper motor when you mount it on a printer.
If you need to put a plate in between the stepper motor and the extruder please notice the max supported thickness is 3mm.

To use a plate in between the stepper motor and the extruder, you need to replace the stock rear plate of the extruder with the printer’s plate (thicknesses between 2 and 3mm, preferably 2.5mm).
Don’t use a plate in between without removing the rear plate.
The LGX® Lite features 4 mounting patterns:
4 holes at the bottom;
2 holes at the right hand side;
1 hole at the top plus the filament entry that may be used as anchor.
2 holes across, to hold the stepper motor

All except frontal mounting holes on the LGX® Lite require to place a M3 square nut inside the housing to act as reinforcement. The holes with square nuts are M3 thread and 5 mm deep (till bottom of the square nut).

Technical Specifications:

LGX® Lite Extruder
E-steps value : 562 using 16 microsteps; 1124 using 32 microsteps.
Drive wheels : hardened steel;
Materials compatibility : abrasive; rigid; semi-flexible; flexible; and soft.
Mounting holes : M3
Mounting patterns : bottom (4 points); right (2 points), front to motor (2 points), top (1 point)
Hole at the top of the LGX® Lite : 5 mm depth
Holes on the side of the LGX® Lite : 5 mm depth
Holes on the bottom of the LGX® Lite : 5 mm depth
Max tightening torque on the extruder screws is 0.3 Nm
Retraction speed : 35 mm/s
Retraction distance (bowden) : ~5 mm (0.4 + tube length[mm] x 0.015)
Retraction distance (direct drive) for rigid materials : 0.4 mm
Retraction distance (direct drive) for soft materials : 3 mm
Max Environment operating temperature : 90°C
Max stepper motor running temperature : 120℃ / 750 mA
LGX® Lite net weight : 48 g
LGX® Lite with motor net weight : 141 g
Package measurements : 80x103x73 mm
Package weight : 85 or 185 g

For Klipper users

rotation_distance = full_steps_per_rotation * microsteps / steps_per_mm
rotation_distance = 200 * 16 / 562
rotation_distance = 5.7
The above calculation assumes the following parameters:

  • stepper motor is a 1.8 degrees motor hence 200 as full steps per rotation
  • microsteps are set to 16
  • e-steps value recommended for the LGX® Lite is 562

Stepper Motor
Connector: JST-XH 4-pin connector
Motor gear : 10 teeth
Motor length: 20 mm
Motor Diameter: 36mm
Weight : 93g
Max Current : 1.0 A / phase
Leads Length : 1m
Step Angle : 1.8 degree
Max Torque at : 1800 PPS
Potential Flow Rate @ Max Torque : 120mm^3/s
Class: H, rated peak temp 180℃
Max operating Temperature / Current: 120℃ / 750 mA
Manufacturer: LDO
More info here

On the LGX, You must run the stepper motor with currents between ~0.45 and ~0.65A.

!!! Be vigilant regarding the stepper motor surface temperature !!! 
Keep it cool enough to touch. If it is too hot, lower teh Vref. (click here for more information).

How to change the current using Vref

It is very hard to read the current being fed to stepper motors. To determine that current we rely on the Vref value. The Vref value is a voltage reference measured in VDC that can be read using a multimeter. It helps us setting the current output of the stepper motor driver.

Different 3D printer mainboards use different stepper motor drivers. Each type of stepper motor drivers has its own formula to calculate the required Vref to get a specific current. Here are some examples:

TMC stepper drivers:
The formula for these drivers is Vref = ( I * 2.5 ) / Imax
Where I is the target current value measured in A; and Imax is 1.77 on regular mode and 1.2 on SilentStepSticks mode.

Pololu A4998:
The formula for these drivers is Vref = I * 8 * R

Where I is the target current value measured in A; and R is the Sense Resistor value, that depends on what board are you using. Melzis use 0.1,the Creality Silent boards use 0.15. 

Download STEP files here

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