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Lotus EZ SLA 3D Printer

About the Lotus EZ 3D Printer  

We have one of the Lotus EZ printers in our shop and are very happy with its ease of use right out of the box and the quality of the prints! We will post some pictures of our prints soon. 

The Lotus EZ is a truly easy-to-use SLA 3D Printer, so you are able to achieve great results from your very first print. 

The team at Lotus 3D spent countless hours designing the Lotus EZ to ensure every aspect of your printing experience is as flawless as possible. 

Full Control 

The Lotus EZ is fully Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled through any Wi-Fi enabled device with a web browser via the easy-to-use dashboard. 

Always Level 

The Lotus EZ's print platform comes out of the box level and calibrated. It will never require levelling or calibration.

Easy On, Easy Off 

Removing the platform and the resin vat is very easy, because of the use of magnets. Magnets are used throughout the Lotus EZ for quick removal of the cover, resin vat and build surface. The magnets also serve a safety mechanism. If the build plate lowers too far and applies too much pressure to the LCD screen, the magnets will simply disengage preventing damage to the LCD. 

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