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IMPORTANT: Please read description below before ordering.
  • R2 Mainboard Replacement
  • Robo R2 Mainboard Replacement
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Alternative Mainboard "ZBoard" for the Robo R2

After a long, long wait this board is now available for pre-order. Expect about a week or two for your board to ship. If you order other items with this board, we will hold your order and ship everything together. If you have items you want shipped right away, please make a separate order. 

You may not need a new mainboard: If your printer still works but is stopping mid-print with the error "Error Detected Connection Interrupted", you may have a failing (but salvageable) mainboard. Read this write-up - a customer of ours came up with this solution and it has saved several of their R2 mainboards. The heatsinks mentioned in the write up are available here.

ZBoard Installation Instructions

The ZBoard is an alternative mainboard for the Robo R2. This board is designed by Lance W. and built by Jonah. It is comprised of an Arduino and RAMPs board mounted on top of a main PCB board. It is almost completely plug and play other than a few commands that need sent to the board on the first run. Please read the Installation Instructions carefully before ordering so you are familiar with the steps involved.

Other than the Arduino/RAMPs, Jonah solders all the connections by hand.

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