Nylon CFX™ Carbon Fiber Nylon 1.75mm 500g | PBX Filament™




Nylon CFX™ Carbon Fiber Nylon - 500g

Nylon CFX is our go-to filament for strong, beautiful prints and it is our recommended filament when printing the Bondtech DualDrive extruder upgrade for the MakerGear M3 3D printer.

Manufactured in the USA, Nylon CFX produces strong durable prints with almost no invisible layer lines. It is one of the easiest to print Carbon Fiber Nylons you will find. 

Print Settings:

As with all nylon filaments, it is recommended to dry your filament for a few hours at 70C before printing. 

Nozzle Temp: 240-265c (255c is a good starting point)

Bed Temp: 40-70c (50c is a good starting point)

Bed Adhesion: Glass or Buildtak with a coat of PVA or PVP

Print Speed: 30-140 (60mm/s is a good starting point)

Nozzle: .40mm or larger. Use a hardened wear resistant nozzle

Layer Height: 0.20 mm or higher, depending on nozzle size

Cooling Fan: as needed - We usually print with our cooling fan set to 0 for the print and 100% for bridging.


Property Test Method Value
Density (gcm-3)  ASTM D792 1.0
Heat Deflection Temperature (°C)  ASTM D648 at 66 psi 166
Flexural Peak Stress (psi) ASTM D790 12,399
Flexural Modulus (psi) ASTM D790 385,000
Tensile Strength at Yield (psi) ASTM D638, Type IV 9,620
Tensile Elongation (%) ASTM D638, Type IV 8.0
Notched Izod Impact (Jm-1) ASTM D256


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