Orbiter Extruder V2.0 | LDO Motors

  • Orbiter Extruder V2.0 | LDO Motors
  • LDO Orbiter V2.0
  • Orbiter Extruder V2.0 | LDO Motors
  • Orbiter V2.0 Extruder
  • LDO Orbiter V2.0 Extruder
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Orbiter V2.0 Extruder with Bondtech Dual Drive Gears

Please read this first: This is not a plug-and-play upgrade. You will need to be familiar with making changes in your firmware to use this extruder. Please read the Firmware configuration information and make sure you understand what will need to be done for your specific printer in order to install this extruder. Since there are so many different printers we are unable to offer printer specific help with installation. More information about the Orbiter is available here.

For: 1.75 mm filament only 


  • Orbiter V2.0
  • Motor
  • Adapter cable (PC2510)
  • Hex wrench

Mounting hardware not included

 Improvements of the LDO Orbiter V2.0

  • Genuine Bondtech hardened dual filament drive gears
  • Shorter drive gears (11mm vs 15mm)
  • Weight reduced to ~135 grams
  • Smaller more compact dimensions (11.6% shorter)
  • New motor design offers ~40% increase in pushing force in real printing conditions and improved acceleration performance
  • Flipped drive gears –filament path closer to the extruder center for a more balanced design and perfect fit on delta printers
  • Stainless steel filament exit guide (picture below) with 0.2-0.3mm clearance to drive gears for best TPU printing experience and extreme wear resistance when using abrasive filaments
  • High temperature resistant injected housings - GPA12
  • Machined PEEK secondary drive gear sleeve
  • Mounting screws in line with filament exit path –improved housing stiffness and easier mounting
  • New smaller and better PTFE input coupler
  • Motor position rotated by additional 10 degrees for easier maintenance and assembly
  • Perfectly aligned filament path, and many more small changes to improve mechanical accuracy and design look

Filament path:

  • Filament path closer to the center to facilitate mounting on delta printers and better mounting
  • Mounting screws inline with the filament exit paths
  • Better housing stiffness eliminates flexing during high force pushing
  • Improved filament path


Stainless steel filament exit guide:

  • Improves the extruder lifetime when used with abrasive filaments
  • Gap between the filament guide and Bondtech drive gears is about 0.2-0.3mm
  • Maximum TPU printing speed –the filament can go only into the hotend, no space to be tangled around the gears


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