PETG Natural Filament Koil - 1.75mm 1kg | KVP



Comes as a spool-less Koil. Click here for more information about the KVP Koil and to download the .stl file to print your Slant3D reusable spool.

Natural PETG Filament Koil by Keene Village Plastics

  • Excellent layer adhesion
  • Warp resistance
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Higher density
  • Chemical resistance to both acidic and alkali compounds
  • Flexible printing on glass, acrylic, glass, blue tape and polyimide tape
  • Odorless during printing

Print Settings
Print Temp: 230ºC – 260ºC
Bed Temp: 70ºC – 100ºC

+ 0.003” / -0.003”

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