Polypropylene Print Bed Adhesive - Smart Stick | 100ml


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Smart Stick

Smart Stick is a 3D print bed adhesive specially formulated to work with Polypropylene.

We recommend using it with Formfutura's Centaur Polypropylene. 

Please note: Since polypropylene filaments are all formulated differently, this adhesive may not work with all brands. 

Instructions from the manufacturer:

Remove the internal seal that prevents the contents from spilling, for this it is necessary to pull off the cap, unscrew the applicator and remove the internal seal.

Apply 1 layer of the product on the printing base, this will create a thin adhesive film that will provide the fixation. Once the product is applied, it is recommended to close the bottle again so that the inner liquid does not dry, causing the nozzle to clog.

Smart Stick is a product that works with printers with hot bed and without it, in the case of printers with hot bed, the ideal temperature is 70-90ºC. For printing pieces where a great adhesion is required it is recommended to increase the base temperature between 90-100ºC for the first layer in order to achieve a great adherence between the material and the adhesive and later on reducing that temperature to 70ºC in order to increase the structural capacity of the adhesive.

Once the piece is made, the union between materials is very strong so it is recommended to introduce the tray in water so that this union is weakened and can be removed later by using a spatula.

In many cases the layer created once the adherent is applied can be reused with the same results. Once the layer is defective and needs to be replaced, it is necessary to apply hot water to the printing tray so that the adherent is weakened and after remove it using a spatula. It is recommended to use the product on a glass or removable base, this way the cleaning process will be easier.

Notes from Partsbuilt 3D

Using this glue, we printed Centaur PP on our Prusa MK2 with a PEI bed and had no issue removing the print from the bed once it had cooled. We then sprayed warm water on the bed, wiped it with a paper towel, then followed with a wipe down using IPA to remove the remaining glue. On a glass bed, a straight razor would also work well to remove the glue. We recommend experimenting yourself to find what works best for you, using the manufacturer's instructions as a starting point.



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