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BuildTak FlexPlate System for Robo R2 3D Printer

Easily remove 3D prints on Robo R2 by removing the spring steel plate, flexing it, and popping the print off. Once finished, add the spring steel plate back to magnetic base and continue 3D printing. It's simple and makes the print removal process much easier. 

Comes with the flex plate magnetic base that is adhesive-backed for easy installation, a spring-steel plate with tab for easy removal off of platform, and custom Robo BuildTak sheet to place on the spring-steel plate.

Print bed not included

Note: If your R2 print bed has a PEI sheet, carefully use the scraper to remove the PEI sheet starting from one corner of the print bed. Then, pull off the entire PEI sheet. Next, hand-rub or use Goo Gone to remove any excess adhesive before applying on the flex plate magnetic base. Finally, place the spring-steel plate on top of the flex plate magnetic base. You are now ready to begin printing!

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