Robo R2 Smart 3D Printer with Wi-Fi

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Robo R2 Smart 3D Printer with Wi-Fi

The Robo R2 high-performance smart 3D printer with Wi-Fi lets you tackle large-scale projects and make whatever you can imagine right from your mobile device using the Robo app.

Robo R2 PrinterPower CableSpool of FilamentQuick Start GuideUSB with 3D Models1-year Autodesk Fusion 360Tool Kit

What's Included: 

Robo R2 3D Printer

Power Cable

Spool of Filament

Quick Start Guide

USB with 3D Models

1-year Autodesk Fusion 360

Tool Kit

1 Year Warranty

Robo R2 Specs

Print Size: 7.75 x 7.75 x 10 inches (197 x 197 x 250 mm)

Layer Resolution: 20–300 microns

Travel Speed: Up to 250 mm/s

Nozzle Temp: Up to 290°C

Print Head: Quick change nozzle

Print Bed: Heated and removable

Heat Bed Temp: Up to 100°C

XYZ Accuracy: 12.5, 12.5, 5 microns

Print Speed: Up to 16 mm3/s

Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm nozzle

Size: 16.75 x 23.75 x 16.61 inches (425.5 x 603.3 x 421.9 mm)

Weight: 30.2 lbs.

Print Technology:  Fused filament fabrication

Print Plate Leveling: Automatic leveling calibration 

Large print size  Large print size

Enjoy a spacious ~8” x 8” x 10” (197 x 197 x 250 mm) print size — perfect for batch printing and large projects. 

5 5" color LCD touchscreen

Built-in 5 inch color LCD touchscreen lets you easily launch projects and adjust your printer controls for optimal results.

Flexible connectivityFlexible connectivity

Connect Robo R2 to your Wi-Fi or Ethernet. If no internet connection is available, connect using Robo R2's personal hotspot. 

Onboard slicingOnboard slicing

Save time by slicing your files directly from Robo R2's LCD touchscreen.

Filament run-out detection Filament run-out detection

Automatically pauses your 3D print and notifies you when you've run out of filament, saving you time and money.

Autodesk Fusion 360 Autodesk Fusion 360

Includes a free year of 3D modeling software to take your designs to the next level.

Compatible with any device Compatible with any device

Easily print from your Chromebook, iPad, or any other mobile device.

Automatic calibration Automatic calibration

Spend more time making without having to manually adjust the print bed—plus it’s removable.

On-board camera On-board camera

Records and monitor each print in real time, letting you watch it come to life — all from your mobile device.

Safety featuresSafety features

Access control security feature allows you to control who can remotely access Robo R2. Robo R2 comes equipped with a door to prevent touching hot surfaces.

Heated print bed Heated print bed

Improves the quality of each print and prevents warping - plus it comes installed with a BuildTak sheet for easier print removal.

Prints 30+ Material Types

With Robo R2, the heated print bed and open source filament system allows you to print in over 30 different types of materials.
Here are some of the materials that you can print in:
PLA, ABS, Aromatic PLA, Glow in the dark PLA, Wood PLA, PET-G, Nylons, Polycarbonate, Flexible TPE, Flexible TPU, Thermo Temp Color Changing PLA,Bronze-filled PLA, Copper-Filled PLA, Brass-Filled PLA, Glass Filled PLA,Stainless-Steel Filled PLA, Iron-Filled PLA, Carbon Fiber PLA, Carbon Fiber Nylon,Conductive PLA, Magnetic Iron, HIPS, PVA & more.


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