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taulman3D SAC1060 - a new mechanically removable support material for nylon filaments 

1.75mm, 1lb spool

​SAC1060 is taulman3D's new mechanically removable (requires needle nose pliers) support material that works with all nylons filaments, including carbon fiber nylons, glass-filled nylons and all of taulman3D nylon filaments, such as Alloy 910 and Bridge Nylon. 

SAC1060 stands for "Sacrificial Material #1060" - now you can 3D print extremely strong parts with unique geometry. While some parts will always require a water soluble support material, now you have a support material for all your other nylon requirements.

SAC1060 Features

  • Like higher temperature nylons, SAC1060 prints at 235C to 255C 
  • Does not melt into, or weld onto, nylons
  • Developed to stick to all nylons as a support material during the printing process, yet retain a mild adhesion at ambient temperatures, allowing the user to print at 240C-280C nylons with a support material that does not warp or melt based on print temperatures
  • SAC1060 is designed to support zero layer spacing between base nylons and support material, allowing for the best bottom surface finish
  • Low tensile makes cracking easy for removal


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