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Slice Engineering Mosquito HT Thermistor

  • Eliminates the need for high temperature RTDs or having two separate thermistors to maintain accuracy at both the low and high end of the temperature spectrum
  • Capable of reading from room temperature up to 450°C
  • 15mm long, 3mm diameter cartridge, the de facto standard for sleeved thermistors
  • Supplied with 2m long bare leads

Designed to measure with extreme accuracy, from room temperatures up to 450°C. 

Use in conjunction with Boron Nitride Paste for the highest accuracy results.

NOTE: Requires update of RT table in printer firmware. Not all 3D printers allow firmware updates. Please check to ensure your printer will allow this, otherwise the thermistor will not work 

This product should not be used with printers that use a RAMBo Mini V1.3a or any older version of this board. Common printers with this board include the Prusa MK2.5s, the Prusa MK2.5, the Prusa MK2s, and the Prusa MK2.

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