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  • MakerGear V4 Hot End Barrel
  • MakerGear V4 Hot End Barrel - Front
  • MakerGear V4 Hot End Barrel  - Side
  • MakerGear V4 Hot End Barrel - Top
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MakerGear V4 Hot End Replacement Barrel (Heatbreak) 


Important note: a new nozzle is recommend when installing a new barrel. Here is what MakerGear says:

"Once a new nozzle has been installed onto a barrel, do not install that same nozzle onto a different barrel or leakage may occur. As you install a new nozzle onto a barrel, a small amount of material is removed from the nozzle to create a custom fit. This makes the nozzle incompatible with any other barrel due to the slight variations in tolerances among different barrels."


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