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  • Wanhao D6 Bondtech Upgrade Kit


Bondtech Upgrade Kit for Wanhao D6 

- This extruder upgrade kit for the Wanhao Duplicator 6/Monoprice Duplicator 6 will replace the original feeder.
- The original motor is used and the PTFE feedtube is held securely in place with an industrial 4 mm push-fit connector for reliability.
- This kit provides a high-performance material feeding system with the ability to print faster with improved quality. The adjustable thumbscrew allows you to fine-tune the force acting on the filament.
- Installs in about half an hour with standard tools available. Installation video below.
- The housing parts for the Wanhao D6 upgrade kit are professionally SLS printed in polyamide for maximum strength and precision.
- E-steps need to be updated to 415.
- To prevent the printhead from colliding with the rear frame the max movement needs to be reduced to 190 mm in the Y-direction. A new firmware is available for download with the necessary changes implemented.
- On some printers, the printhead has trouble reaching the Y-homing endstop before the front of the extruder collides with the frame, in order to solve this, an o-ring is included that slides over the x-shaft that makes the endstop to be activated earlier.

Instructions for how to do this available here: Installation note for Y-endstop 

Installation video

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Extruder & Hotend Parts (Print Head)
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Micro Swiss
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