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  • Wound Up™ Coffee Filament
  • 3D Fuel Coffee Infused Filament

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3D-Fuel Wound Up™ Coffee Infused Filament - 1.75mm 500g

Wound Up™ is a coffee infused 3D printing filament from 3D-Fuel's c2composites line. It is made using waste byproducts from coffee. 

  • Beautiful brown color 
  • Noticeable natural grain
  • Can be printed on any machine capable of printing with PLA

Caution: Wound Up™ coffee filament uses PLA as its base polymer. Because of this, you should NOT use it for 3D printing anything that will come in contact with high heat or hot liquids. In other words, even though it is made of coffee, it is NOT safe to print a functional coffee cup with this material!

Wound Up 3d Printing Filament Settings

These settings are recommended by 3D-Fuel and are meant as a starting point to help find your optimal print settings. They should work for most 3D printers; however, you may need to experiment outside these ranges. If you find settings that work better with your printer, feel free to let us know and we will be happy to post them.

Print Temp: ± 180-210c (a good starting point is 10 degrees cooler than you typically print PLA)

Print Speed: 40-100mm/s

Bed Temp: ± 0 - 45° c (a heated bed is not necessary, but if you have one, set it to 45c)

Print Surface: GeckoTek, BuildTak, Kapton Tape. 





Made in the USA

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