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Formfutura Volcano PLA Red - a high impact, resistant, ABS-like PLA Filament

Color: Red

Diameter: 1.75mm

Weight: 750g

Volcano PLA is an industrial grade PLA engineered for professional applications requiring high printing speeds and improved heat resistance.

Volcano PLA offers the same mechanical and thermal properties - after annealing - as most ABS filaments, but with the biodegradability and ease of printing of PLA. Volcano PLA combines a high heat resistance with high printing speeds and high impact resistance into a PLA-based filament engineered for industrial applications.

  • Industrial grade filament
  • High heat resistance of ≥ 95° C after annealing
  • Easy-to-print with high print speeds
  • After annealing, Volcano PLA has similar mechanical/thermal properties to ABS
    (scroll down for annealing instructions)
  • High heat resistance and high impact resistance. 
  • Biodegradable
  • Matte surface finish

Annealing Volcano PLA

Annealing is a secondary process in which a plastic part is heated up to half of the melt temperature for a moderate period of time before letting the plastic part cool back down to room temperature. When the plastic part is reheated (annealed) like this, the material relaxes and internal stresses and/or strains are relieved resulting in improved dimensional stability, reduction/removal of dimensional distortion and defects, and improved physical and thermal properties of the printed (and annealed) plastic object.

1. Preheat a convection oven at 110° C (half the melting temperature of Volcano PLA). It is highly recommended to use a thermometer to calibrate the exact temperature of your convection oven.

Preheating the oven to 110° C is extremely important as your Volcano PLA printed object will then crystalize in such a rapid time-frame that there is almost no time for the material to shrink. This results in a negligible shrinkage percentage of < 0.3% and by that Volcano PLA is unsurpassed when it comes to reduction of shrinkage after annealing.

2. When the oven is preheated to a stable temperature of 110° C then quickly put your Volcano PLA printed object in the oven. Make sure to do this as quick as possible in order to keep the loss of heat reduced to a minimum. Don’t remove any supports (if used) from the printed object when putting it in the oven.

It is recommended to place the Volcano PLA printed object on a flat aluminum sheet/foil or similar flat metal object to obtain a stable/equal heat transmission.

  • For small objects with thin walls and medium infill annealing will take ± 20 minutes
  • For large objects with thick walls and medium/high infill annealing take ± 60 minutes

3. When the object is annealed taking above mentioned duration into account then switch off the oven and let it cool down to room temperature. Do not remove the object before the oven has completely cooled down to room temperature!

4.When the oven is cooled down completely, remove the object from the oven and remove any support material (if used). Your Volcano PLA printed object is now annealed.

Volcano PLA Print Settings

These settings are recommended by Formfutura and are meant only as a starting point to help find your optimal print settings. They should work for most 3D printers; however, you may need to experiment outside these ranges. If you find settings that work better with your printer, feel free to let us know and we will be happy to post them.

Nozzle Size: ≥ 0.15mm

Print Temp: ± 220 - 255° C

Bed Temp: ± 0-60° C

Print Speed: High

Fan Speed: 50-100%

Flow Rate: 95-100%

Retraction: Yes, ± 5mm

Print Surface: GeckoTek, BuildTak, Kapton Tape



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