About Us


Here at Partsbuilt 3D, we love doing everything to the best of our ability and we take pride in every order we ship. Orders are packaged knowing that someone is going to have the excitement of opening it on the other end. Making our customers happy with things like free extras, careful packaging and fast shipping makes us very happy!

Feel free to call or email us, we enjoy talking about anything 3D printing and want to help you reach your project goals.


Partsbuilt 3D was founded by Jonah Barker: tinkerer, inventor, maker and fixer of things.

A long time ago, in a city far, far away (well 30 minutes away) we were prototyping an idea...using cardboard and tape (!). Thankfully we learned about 3D printing soon after that and ordered our first one, an Original Prusa. After learning CAD, we started prototyping using this new method, and we were hooked. We started offering 3D printing as a service to our mostly Amish community, full of fellow entrepreneurs and makers. As our business grew, we spent many hours researching filaments, printers and products, figuring out which were the best for our needs as small batch manufacturers. This in turn led to us to start Partsbuilt 3D, supplying all of our favorite, top quality 3D printers, filament and accessories.

We are now based in Holmes County, Ohio and still print for ourselves and others which keeps us well versed with the products we sell and helps us test new products effectively. Our focus now is on offering great products at good prices and supporting our customers in any way we can.