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Battery Low Voltage Shutoff "Blinker Board" - 10 amp

  • 10 AMP Low Battery Shut-off board
  • 10 AMP Low Battery Shut-off board measurements
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Battery Low Voltage Protection "Blinker Board" - 10 amp Maximum

Protects tool batteries from over discharge.

 Maximum Amps: 10  if you need to power something that draws more than 10 amps (e.g Power Wheels), we recommend using the 3 amp blinker board with an appropriately sized relay.

Compatible with: DeWalt, Milwaukee and Makita 12/18/20 volt batteries. 

These are called “blinker boards” because they blink (pulse) the power once the battery reaches low voltage. “Blinking” refers to the output power being turned on and off rapidly, there are no actual lights on the board that blink. However, when used to power lights, the lights will blink.

If you do not want the blink feature, you can disable it by bridging SP1. With SP1 bridged, the board will shut off immediately without blinking (when the battery is low).

How it works:

The board starts blinking (or shuts off if SP1 is bridged) at approximately 15.8 volts for 18/20 volt batteries and 11.2 volts for 12-volt batteries.

The power blinks 2 times>stays on for (approximately) 4.25 minutes>blinks 5 times>stays on for 1 minute>then shuts off.

There is an auto-select feature that checks for 12V or 18/20V system and selects its mode accordingly.

Positive wire from battery goes to J1
Negative wire from battery goes to J2
J4 goes to minus (negative) on whatever it is you are powering
J3 goes to plus (positive) on whatever it is you are powering
J5 Low voltage output – (goes to minus on your low voltage indicator light)

Low voltage indicator light:

For low voltage indicator lights /LEDs you need to bridge SP2 and connect the low voltage indicator light of your choice to J5 (LoVolt output -).
J5 is an open-drain output. You need 
to supply power from your battery (power source) to your indicator light.
Connect the 
positive of your battery (power source) directly to the positive of your indicator light.
Connect the ground/negative of your power source directly to J2 (In - )
Connect the 
ground/negative of your indicator light to J5 (LoVolt - ) The low voltage indicator light will turn on when battery level is at approx. 15.8v.
NOTE: Bridging SP2 does not affect blink

or shutoff behavior.

The boards have reverse polarity protection on the input side only. Please Note: It is very important that you do not connect/short the positive and negative on the output side as this will burn out the board.

Disconnect your battery from the Blinker Board before connecting it to your application.

The boards were originally designed to power buggy lights. The blinking feature is to blink the lights and warn the user that the batteries need changed. 

Measured by hand. Please allow for a small margin of error.
Hole Spacing: 46x8mm
4 Corner Holes: 2.4mm
Center Hole: 2mm

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