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Heated Glass Build Plate for R1+ (Latest Version)

Note: Read the description below for important information and to determine if you also need to purchase a bed connection cable.
  • Robo R1+ Glass Print Bed
  • Robo R1+ Glass Print Bed
  • Robo R1+ heated bed connector
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Robo R1+ Heated Glass Build Plate - New Style

Important: Please read all the notes below before purchasing.

If your current bed does not have the plug shown in the picture of the bed, you will also need to purchase the R1+ bed connection cable here.

This bed is made of lattice glass which helps with print adhesion. Allow the bed to cool completely before attempting to remove a print. Not doing so may damage the bed. Damage to the surface of the bed is not covered under warranty.

It is important to have you initial Z-height set properly before using the bed. If the initial z-height is too low, the nozzle will dig into the lattice texture of the bed and ruin it. If this happens, it is considered user error and is not covered by warranty.

The surface of the bed may develop a divot over time in the locations where the nozzle presses into the bed during the self-leveling process. This is to be expected, so it is important to be aware of this before purchasing the bed.

Heated Glass Build Plate (1 pcs)
6mm magnets - not installed (4 pcs)
Two-part epoxy for attaching magnets to bed (1 pcs)

Important: This is the heated glass build plate only. As mentioned, it does not include the bed to RAMPs connection cable. Check the plug in the above picture to see if you need the connection cable. If your current bed does not have the plug pictured you will also need to purchase the R1+ v2 bed connection cable here.

Click here for instructions on attaching the magnets to the bed in the proper orientation.

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