Heated Glass Build Plate R1+ (V2.5 - read about the changes below) | Robo 3D

Note: Please read the description below to determine if you also need to purchase the V2 bed connection cable
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2 units
  • Robo R1+ Glass Print Bed
  • Robo R1+ heated bed connector

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Robo R1+ Heated Glass Build Plate - V2.5

Note on V2.5: This bed has thicker insulation than before, so the mounting magnets are taller. Because of this, the printer will be losing about 3mm of z height with these new beds. 

Important: This is the heated glass build plate only. It does not include the bed to RAMPs connection cable. Check the plug in the above picture to see if you need the connection cable. If needed, you can buy the R1+ V2 bed connection cable here.


  • 1 Heated Glass Build Plate
  • 4 magnets
  • 2 part epoxy for attaching magnets to bed

Click here for instructions on attaching the magnets to the bed in the proper orientation.

Clamps for assisting with magnet installation are available here.





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