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Revo™ Six - Single Nozzle Kit

Voltage:  24 volt 

Nozzle Size:  0.40mm 

The Revo Six is a drop-in replacement for your E3D V6 Hotend, giving you all the benefits of E3D’s RapidChange Revo ecosystem in an easy-to-upgrade package.

This is the 24 volt version (click here for the 12 volt version)

1 x Revo Six heatsink
1 x Revo heater core (24 volt)
1 x Revo thermistor (blue wire)
1 x Fan - (24 volt)

1 x Spring
1 x Extension cable kit
1 x 100mm PTFE tube
1 x 0.40 brass Revo nozzle

Key Features:
Max temp: 300°C 
Filament diameter: 1.75mm  
Groove mount 
Voltage: 24V 
Power: 40W

Note: You may need to adjust your Z offset when changing nozzles

Before installing please read the HeaterCore wiring best practices page from E3D

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