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Boron Nitride Thermal Paste


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Boron Nitride Thermal Paste (BN Paste)

Thermal paste improves heat conduction and heat distribution in the hotend.

Contains high quality ZYP™ Boron Nitride and proprietary binders which reduce cracking and flaking when dried.

Boron Nitride paste (1 pcs)
Applicators (3 pcs)

Use in most hotends

1000°c working temperature
High thermal conductivity - 30+ W/mK
Water based - no VOCs
Improves efficiency of your hotend
Increases heat dissipation from the heater cartridge and heat break
Increases heat transfer to the thermistor and nozzle
Helps with heater cartridge removal from the heater block
Not electrically conductive, no risk of shorting
Made in the USA


Cartridges (thermistor & heater):
Coat the cartridge and hole in your 3D printer heater block. Insert the cartridge while the paste is still wet. Let the paste dry before heating up your hotend.

Only use a small amount on the threads of the nozzle (do not apply the BN paste to the threads of the heater block), install the nozzle while the paste is wet and let dry before heating.

Heat Break:
Coat the exterior of the heat break with BN paste, install into the heatsink while the paste is wet and let dry before heating.

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