Cleaning Filament

Cleaning Filament

Cleaning filament is a must when switching between different filament color and material. Cleaning filament, such as Dyna-Purge, is especially important to use when printing with Carbon Fiber-filled filaments, as the carbon fibers have a tendency to build up in the nozzle and clog. 

Even when just switching between colors of the same material, cleaning filament purges the old color out of the nozzle much more efficiently. 

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  • Cleaning Filament - 3D Clean Dyna-Purge from 3D-Fuel

    Dyna-Purge® 3D Clean™ 1.75mm | 3D-Fuel


    1.75mm Dyna-Purge® 3D Clean™ Filament Sticks 50 sticks of Dyna-Purge® 3D Clean™ 1.75mm filament arrives in an easy-open tube. Use Between Materials and Colors: Designed to purge all resins used in 3D printing. It is easy to use...
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