E3D High Flow ObXidian™ Hotend for Bambu Lab X1/P1 (Bare Hotend)

  • E3D High Flow ObXidian™ HotEnd for Bambu Lab X1/P1 Series
  • E3D High Flow ObXidian™ HotEnd for Bambu Lab X1/P1 Series
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High Flow ObXidian™ Hotend for Bambu Lab X1/P1 Series

E3D & Bambu Lab ObXidian High Flow Hotends are an official collaboration between E3D and Bambu Lab, bringing you one of the most compact, lightweight and, more importantly, performant hotends to date.

High Flow ObXidian hotend (1 pcs)
Thermal grease (1 pcs)
Silicone sock (1 pcs)
Heater retaining spring (1 pcs)
Bolts (2 pcs)

Note: This is a bare hotend and does not come with the heater, thermistor, fan, etc. Complete hotend assemblies are available through the links below:
Fully Assembled Hotend X1 Series
Fully Assembled Hotend P1 Series

Bambu Lab X1
Bambu Lab X1 Carbon
Bambu Lab P1S
Bambu Lab P1P

Key features:
- Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
- Drop-in replacement Hotend for Bambu X1/P1 Series
- 60% additional flowrate when compared to the standard Bambu hotend
- Patent pending high-flow technology incorporating Bondtech IP
- ObXidian™ hardened tipped nozzle
- E3DLC™ coating offers additional non-stick properties
- Officially Approved & Licensed Bambu product

Assembly guide for high flow ObXidian™ hotend for Bambu Lab
How to replace hotend on Bambu Lab X1
How to replace hotend on Bambu Lab P1P/P1S
Maximum volumetric flow rates
Flow rate calibration
Flow dynamics calibration
Slicing guide

What is the maximum printing temperature? 300 °C 
Can you cold pull the E3D ObX HF Bambu Hotend? Yes, you can! The ObXidian coating is designed to withstand the force of a cold pull, however it can be a little bit challenging compared to a typical nozzle due to the internal construction.
Are there any material limitations? Any filament you can print with our Revo and V6 ObXidian nozzles can be used with this upgrade. Typically aimed at fiber filled filaments, glow in the dark and glitter filled filaments, these nozzles should provide you a reliable choice. Short periods of metal and ceramic filled filaments can be used but may still wear over prolonged use. 
Do I need to PID tune when I upgrade to the E3D ObX HF Bambu Hotend? No, you don’t need to! 
Is this compatible with E3D Revo Nozzles? These Hotends are designed to maintain the exact same form factor as the stock Bambu nozzles and are therefore not compatible with the Revo range of nozzles. If this is something you are interested in we recommend you have a look at the Revo Panda, which is a Revo compatible Hotend by Biqu.

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Extruder & Hotend Parts (Print Head)
Extruder & Hotend Parts (Print Head)
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