Thermistor (Latest Version) - Finder 2 | Read fitment details below

!!! Read important fitment info below !!!
  • Flashforge Thermocouple for Finder 2.0 New Version
  • Flashforge Thermocouple for Finder 2.0 Older Version
  • Flashforge Thermocouple for Finder 2.0 Old Version
Price: $12.95



Flashforge Finder 2 Bead Thermistor

This is the latest (and only) version available from Flashforge.

Includes: Thermistor (1 pcs)

Fits: Finder 2 (with new heater block)

 IMPORTANT  Please read everything below before ordering.

This thermistor does not fit the Finder, it only fits the Finder 2 with the new style heater block

If you are not sure what model printer you have, you can send an email to Flashforge with your printer's serial number and they can tell you. The email address for Flashforge support is: support@flashforge.com. 

Alternatively you can email a picture of your current thermistor and heater block to us and we can help you determine which thermistor you need.

This thermistor requires a different heater block than the older version. If you are upgrading from the older (M3 threaded) style thermistor, you will also need to order this Heater Block. It is also recommended to use some BN Paste in the thermistor hole when installing to fill the air gap. 

Different generations of the Finders use different thermistors. Please make sure the picture matches your machine before ordering. If your existing thermistor matches any of the pictures shown above, then this thermistor will work but you will also need the new heater block.

The two thermistors pictured above that are labeled "old version" are no longer available, the "new version" replaces them. 

If you have a Finder (not Finder 2), click here for the correct thermistor.

If you are not sure if this is the correct thermistor, please feel free to email us. 

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