E3D Prusa Hotend Assembly (w/PTFE Tube) for MK3/S/+ | 24 Volt

  • E3D V6 Hotend with PTFE tube for Prusa MK3
  • E3D V6 Hotend for Prusa MK3
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Prusa Specific E3D V6 Hotend (24 volt)

The only difference between the MK3/MK3S/MK3S+ hotend versions is the PTFE tube. By selecting your printer model above, you will get a hotend with the proper PTFE tube for your printer. 

Includes (assembled):
0.40mm nozzle (1 pcs)
Heatsink (1 pcs)
Collet with clip (1pcs)
Prusa specific heat break (1 pcs)
Heater block (1 pcs)
Heater cartridge - 24 volt (1 pcs) 
Thermistor - Prusa specific (1 pcs)
PTFE tube for model of printer chosen (1 pcs)

- These may have either a red or white heater cartridge wire, both are 24 volt 40 watt heaters and function the same. 
- The Molex connector for the heater cartridge is NOT included. Please reuse your old connector. If you need a new one, it can be purchased here.
- This is a 24V hotend and is intended for use with the Prusa MK3 or MK3S/+. Do not install or use on a 12 volt printer.
- Occasionally the heatsink arrives a little loose on the heat break. if this happens, tighten the heatsink to the heat break by hand. Do not use tools, do not over tighten. 

Fits (select above):
Prusa MK3
Prusa MK3S
Prusa MK3S+

The Prusa-specific iteration of the E3D v6 HotEnd is intended as a drop-in replacement for your original Prusa i3 MK3 or MK3S/+ printer. It offers the same all-metal, high-performance reliability of the v6, while swapping out several of E3D's standard components with Prusa-specific parts. These include a 40W heater cartridge for increased power, a longer thermistor and a heat break with Prusa-specific internal geometries - designed to improve retractions with the Multi-Material upgrade.

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