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Cable for BLTouch - 2 Meter

  • BLTouch Extension Cable - 2 Meter
  • 2 Meter Extension Cable for BLTouch
  • BLTouch Extension Cable
Price: $8.99


Universal BLTouch Cable - 2 Meter

This is one long cable that plugs directly into the BLTouch and eliminates the additional joints created when using other BLTouch extension cables.

Comes standard with BLTouch connector on one end and a Dupont 3 pin and 2 pin connector on the other end. Also includes additional connectors for flexible connection options. 

Cable with BLTouch connector and Dupont connectors preinstalled (x1)
Single pin Dupont housings (x5) can be swapped out for the preinstalled 2 and 3 pin housings (no Dupont terminals included since the wires already have dupont terminals)
XH2.54 3 pin housing with terminals (x2)
XH2.54 2 pin housing with terminals (x1)

Length: 2 Meters (+/- 2cm)

If you change out the preinstalled Dupont connectors for the single pin Dupont connectors, do not cut the connectors off the wires. Instead remove the existing Dupont housings from the extension cable and replace them with the included single pin housings.

If you need to replace the Dupont connectors with the XH2.54 connectors, cut and strip the wires, then install the XH2.54 terminals with a crimping tool and insert the new terminals into the XH2.54 housing.

Note: This is a universal extension cable, so you may need to move the position of the pins in the housing for your particular application. 

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