Magigoo Pro Flex (TPC/TPE/TPU) Print Bed Adhesive | 50ml

  • Magigoo Pro Flex (TPU, TPE, TPC)
  • Magigoo Pro Flex (TPU, TPE, TPC)
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Magigoo Pro Flex 3D Printing Adhesive

Magigoo PRO Flex is specifically designed for 3D printing flexible plastics. It offers a strong adhesion platform for thermoplastic elastomer copolymer based filaments and other flexible filaments whilst ensuring easy removal. Magigoo Flex is primarily intended for use with TPEs such as DSM Arnitel ID 2054, which are often a challenge to stick to most 3D printing surfaces. However, Magigoo PRO flex also ensures easy removal of parts printed in flexible materials using water to help separate the parts from the build-plate.

Size: 50ml 

Includes: Magigoo Pro Flex (1 bottle)

Works with: TPE, TPU, TPC

 WARNING  Do not squeeze the bottle to avoid applicator popping off.

Shake the bottle.

Apply to the desired area by pressing the nib on the bed (activating the inner valve) and spreading as needed.
Print according to the filament/printer manufacturers recommendations.

Print Removal:
Submerse the whole build plate in water or soak around the part with water.
After short period of time – generally 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the size of the part, the print should come off on its own or be easy to remove using a gentle twist or a part removal tool.

Use a damp cloth to wipe off all the goo residues until a clean surface is visible.
To avoid cross contamination between adhesives we recommend wiping the glass build-plate once more after rinsing the cleaning cloth with water.
Only use water to clean off Magigoo residues, other solvents will not work as well as water or at all!

Magigoo Manual - This manual has some great info on bed adhesion.

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