Robo R1 Plus Firmware

The below guide is from Robo 3D, the original article can be found here.

Updating the R1+ firmware with Arduino

Updating and customizing firmware on your printer is fairly easy with the Arduino software.
Beginner/intermediate Windows or Mac experience may be necessary

I. Download firmware for your printer

Find and download the firmware from the links below.
R1 Original
R1 +

II. Prepare to upload

Arduino is free to download from
Note: Use 1.6.9 - Arduino 1.6.10+ has an error compiling our firmware. 

  1. Please download and install Arduino software.
  2. Download the firmware for your printer from the links above.
  3. You will need to find the file path for where arduino is looking for sketchbooks, open the arduino software.
  4. Go to File > Preferences, and make note of the sketchbook location on the top of the preferences window ( by default in Windows it is C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Arduino )
  5. Navigate to the Zip file you downloaded, open it
  6. Extract the contents in the Zip file and put it where your arduino software is looking for sketchbooks from Step 4.

Note: It's important to extract the zip file into the Arduino sketchbook folder and NOT into the library folder. This will cause an error during compiling

III. Uploading the firmware (or flashing the Arduino). 

  1. Make sure your computer is connected to the printer via USB cable. You can leave the power cord unplugged for this procedure. 
  2. Do not connect Repetier, Matter Control or any other software system to your printer. 
  3. Close all arduino Instances and Restart the arduino software.
  4. Under Tools choose Board and then "Arduino mega 2560"
  5. Under Tools choose Port and choose the option associated with your printer (will probably be the only option, if not, unplug your printer and see which option goes away).
  6. Under File, choose sketchbook, and then choose "Your Firmware Name". Now hit the upload button in the Arduino software. This is the green arrow pointing to the right at the top of the Arduino software window. 
    • Note: You may need to restart the Arduino software for it to see the new sketchbook you added 
  7. When the firmware is finished uploading, the Arduino software will say “Done Uploading"

You are all done!  Your software should confirm the updated firmware and your good to go.

IV. Troubleshooting

Most errors during this process happen from the extracted zip being in the wrong spot, selecting the wrong board or port.  Also our R1/R1+ firmware is not compatible with Arduino 1.6.10+  Please use 1.6.9 -