PC/ABS (ABSpro™) White - 1.75mm 500g | Formfutura

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ABS Pro from Formfutura: A professional high-strength ABS based filament

ABS PRO filament is an ABS base filament with added PolyCarbonate and Styrene Maleic Anhydride. This combination produces and extremely strong print with a very high impact resistance resulting in very good endurance properties. It is also very good for high precision prints. 

  • Extremely strong and impact resistant
  • Extremely high printing precision
  • High gloss
  • Good chemical resistance

White, 1.75mm, 500g spools

ABS PRO Print Settings

These settings are recommended by Formfutura and are meant as a starting point to help find your optimal print settings. They should work for most 3D printers; however, you may need to experiment outside these ranges. If you find settings that work better with your printer, feel free to let us know and we will be happy to post them.

Because of the relative high percentage of added PolyCarbonate, ABSpro has a tendency to warp and therefore it is recommended to use a temperature-controlled build chamber and to prepare your heat bed with DimaFix when 3D printing large(r) scaled objects.

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Nozzle Size: ≥ 0.15

Print Temp: ± 245 - 275° C

Bed Temp: ± 110 - 120° C

Flow Rate: ± 106%

Fan Speed: 0-25%

Print Speed: Medium

Print Surface: BuildTak, Kapton Tape. Use Dimafix Pen for larger prints.

Experience level: Expert

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