DimaFix Pen Print Bed Glue - 90ml

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The DimaFix Pen - now available in the USA!

The DimaFix Pen provides an easy way to obtain the print bed adhesion you need.

When heated above 60ºC, DimaFix provides a strong bond between your first layer and the build plate. DimaFix becomes inactive when cooled below 60ºC, so objects can easily be detached from the plate. 

Some Features of the DimaFix Pen:

  • Completely water soluble for easy clean up
  • Suitable for most filament types
  • Pen can be used more than 100 times

0 - 60ºC: no adhesion, object can easily be detached from the plate

60-75ºC: average adherence for simple geometries

75-95ºC: high adherence, for complex geometries and lengthy prints

Over 95ºC: very high adherence, for very complex geometries and lengthy prints


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