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  •  Bare Hotend - R1/+, R2, C2
  •  Bare Hotend - R1/+, R2, C2

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Robo Hexagon Hot End (Bare Unit)

For 1.75mm filament

Heatsink (1 pcs)
Heat break (1 pcs)
Heater block with set screws (1 pcs)
0.40mm brass Nozzle (1 pcs)

Robo R1
Robo R1+
Robo R2
Robo C2

1. This is a bare hotend and does not include the heater cartridge or thermistor.
2. The set screws in the heater block use a 1.5mm hex wrench
3. The hotend that came with your R1+ printer may have a bead of red RTV silicone around the top of the hotend assembly to provide a snug fit in the extruder carriage. This hotend does not have the bead of silicone. If your hotend fits snuggly in the extruder assembly, the bead of silicone is not always necessary. However, if you find your hotend is slightly loose in the extruder, apply a small bead of RTV or similar silicone around top of the hotend. Keep the bead close to the edge to avoid silicone interfering with the filament path. Allow the silicone to partially dry (dry to the touch is usually good) and install the hotend. The silicone bead will compress and provide a tighter fit.

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Extruder & Hotend Parts (Print Head)
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