Pogo Adapter for Removable Print Bed - R2 | Robo 3D

NOTE! This does not work with all beds - Please read all the information below before ordering and call/email Jonah if you have any questions.
  • Robo R2 3D Printer - POGO Adapter v2.1
  • Robo R2 3D Printer - POGO Adapter Board

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R2 Replacement Pogo Adapter

Note: Please read carefully. This Pogo board will need shims for some of the Robo R2 v1 beds.

This adapter will work without shims if you have a v1 bed where the magnets slide into the plastic housing (see pictures below).

This adapter will need shims if your magnets are glued into the plastic housing (the bed sits too low and bottoms out the pins). 

If your bed needs shims, download this STL file and print 4 plastic shims in ABS or PETG. 

To install the shims: 

  • Remove the four acorn nuts that your bed sits on.
  • Place the plastic shims under the acorn nuts and re-install the acorn nuts. 
  • Now your bed will set a little higher and the Pogo pins will not bottom out. :)

You can also order an updated bed housing that does not require shims to work (this is the plastic piece that the aluminum bed is screwed to). The updated housing is available here.

Additional notes:

Mounting screws not included. 2 sets of the Uptown Board Screw Set (for a total of 4 screws) will work.

We recommend not exceeding 80c when heating your bed, to extend the life of your bed board and connection cable. 

These pogo boards are made with genuine Mill-Max® pins.



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