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Capricorn Low Friction XS Series Bowden Tubing 

Fits: 1.75mm diameter filament

Length: 1 meter

The XS series is Capricorn's flagship PTFE Bowden tubing and is considered the best in the industry for your home or shop 3D printer.

Using a proprietary blend of additives and pure virgin PTFE, Capricorn has created a Bowden tube with ultra high lubricity for reduced friction. This will give you a more consistent extrusion even when printing soft flexible filaments.

The XS series of tubing is manufactured to ultra tight tolerances for a consistent roundness and diameter which is crucial for successful prints in a Bowden system.

  • Inner diameter 1.90mm (+/-0.05)
  • Outer diameter 3.95mm (+/-0.05)
  • Roundness <0.1mm






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