How to get wood filament to stick to the bed? and other questions about 3d printing wood filament

How to get wood filament to stick to the bed? and other questions about 3d printing wood filament

How to get EasyWood Filament to stick to the bed? And other questions about 3d printing wood filament.

Formfutura EasyWood is a beautiful wood-filled PLA composite filament that comes in many different wood tones: WillowBirchEbonyCedarOlivePine and Coconut.

Here are a few questions we have been asked about printing with EasyWood:

How is EasyWood Filament made?

Formfutura's EasyWood is a compound filament based on Formfutura's well-loved, easy-to-print EasyFil PLA filament and gravimetrically filled with about 40% real wood particles that have been ground.

Can I sand and stain EasyWood?

Yes, post-process your 3d printed wood object by sanding it with a fine grit sandpaper to obtain a beautiful finish. You can stain 3d printed wood as well. We've never done it before, but there are some beautiful examples of it online! If we get around to staining any of our own projects, we will share our results. :)

Is it difficult to get wood filament to stick to the print bed?

No! Here's a few tips to get you started:

  1. Print on a PEI BuildTak sheet, original BuildTak sheet or glass bed.
  2. Clean your bed thoroughly with IPA and a lint free cloth
  3. Apply a thin coating of adhesive on your bed using the DimaFix Pen
  4. Print with bed temp at 60c or higher, which allows the DimaFix to become activated.

What nozzle should I use when printing with wood filament? 

We recommend printing with Micro Swiss M2 or Hardened Steel nozzles, which are harder than a standard brass nozzle and more heat conductive. 

Is wood composite filament abrasive? 

Because of the real wood particles, wood filament can be mildly abrasive, but it is much less abrasive than a carbon-filled or glass-filled filament. 

What size nozzle should I use when printing wood filament? 

We recommend a 0.40mm nozzle or larger to avoid clogs. If you want to do more detail prints and use a smaller nozzle, we definitely recommend printing with Polymaker's wood filament, Polywood. Polywood contains no actual wood particles, so your nozzle is much less likely to clog.

What can I 3d print with wood filament?

Check out for some cool ideas to get your started. We printed our Google Home base in EasyWood Willow and the top ring is printed in Proto-Pasta Stainless Steel filament.

The photos below show EasyWood Willow after just a little sanding. We love the way this print turned out! 

Easy Wood Filament

Printing with Easywood Formfutura filament is an easy way to make beautiful 3d printed wood prints! If you have any more questions about printing with EasyWood, do not hesitate to contact us

Jan 20, 2019 Hannah @ Partsbuilt 3D

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