Polycarbonate Filament Tips

Polycarbonate filament, also known as PC, is a little more tricky to print than some more common filaments, but the payoff is a super strong 3D printed part with a greater impact strength than ABS. Polycarbonate should be printed with an enclosed 3D printer that has a print bed capable of reaching at least 90c. 100-110 is preferable for some brands of Polycarbonate filament, so be sure to check the settings recommended for your particular filament.

Polycarbonate is a highly hygroscopic material and should be stored in an airtight container when not in use. In as little as 24 hours, it can absorb enough moisture to make a noticeable difference in print quality. When running a long print, it is recommended to run the filament out of a filament dry box, such as the Polymaker PolyBox to ensure it stays dry.

Pro Tips
If you are having trouble printing with PC, dry it at 170f for 3-4 hours...and then dry it again. :)
Polycarbonate can be printed on glass with a coat of Dimafix, PVA glue or Formfutura's newest adhesive, EasyFix Adhesive for PC.

Our Current PC filaments: 

Durabio™ (PC/PMMA)

Formfutura ABS Pro (PC/ABS) - White

Formfutura ABS Pro (PC/ABS) - Black

Jun 13, 2021

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